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Domo Wells

Project Manager | Music Curator | DJ                                                      Culture Editor @ Spotify Consideration

December, 2020

This is Domo

A small dose of the music that shapes me, past + present.



The Most Known Unknowns

Unknown today, the most known tomorrow.

The Most Known Unknowns, Playlist Cover, Matt McGhee, Domo


The Most Known Unknowns

US Regional sub-genres and the artists who create them influence the sound of mainstream music across the board, often without recognition. The Most Known Unknowns concept intersects audio content that highlights rising artists in regions such as (but not limited to): The Bay Area, Rhode Island, the Pacific Northwest, and the DMV. 


Strengthening community with substantive story telling, intentional engagement, strong partnerships, and exposing fans to emerging regional artists who otherwise wouldn't get an opportunity pours into the mission + core values at Spotify.

"Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity—by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it."

Spotify can accomplish this through...


Good stories create community and enable us to see through the eyes of other people.

Spotify has the opportunity to empower and amplify the voices of new + underserved artists, that help us imagine the future differently through innovative partnerships, engaging content, and strong branding.


Strong community leads to strong engagement.



If the community is invested and engaged in creating the story, then virtually by definition… the story is engaging — to the community that created it, since the audience and the creators are one.   User comments and reviews are useful — but for the most part are not innately compelling unto themselves. Stories told by the people closest to them, are.


Get community stakeholders involved in the story telling. 


People love telling stories and love exploring their own creativity, especially when they can earn recognition and status among a community they identify with.


Micro-influencers have results

Advertising + traditional social media strategies don't = strong engagement. Creators w/ followings between 10-50K get better returns on engagement because their trusted more by their community. 

Engaging stakeholders gives them ownership that translates into promotion and amplification of the brand to new audiences outside its current reach.

Strengthening Community is a critical value when building Spotify's cultural hub. Here is how:   

Center underserved artists stories with the same amplification as major artists.

  • ad space centerfolds;

  • social media features;

  • press;

  • editorial input;

  • hiring culture leaders. 

Intentional outreach at industry and local level.  

  • artists;

  • music journalists;

  • local industry;

  • in-house talent;

  • HBCU's + Universities; etc. 

​​Partner w/ community stakeholders to produce marketing + editorial content re:


  • interviews;

  • digital + IRL performances; 

  • podcasts; 

  • curation input;

  • etc. 

Innovative content marketing across audio programming:

  • new concept introduction;

  • new artist tools;

  • rebrand existing concepts;

  • incorporate podcast talent in music programming/ interviews;

  • cross market between content


My PASSION for this work + the community building experience I bring. 

My INNOVATIVE approach to strategy, creativity, and critical thinking. 

My COLLABORATIVE skills as a team player who self starts, problem solves, + gets it done right.


Dominique "Domo" Wells

(202) 629 6325 | 

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