Explore how Domo drove her wild rabbit against the odds to become one of the most influential people in the African American community through her art, djing, and social advocacy. 

Domo's journey of extraordinary resiliency encompasses Hennessy's "Never Stop. Never Settle." mantra. pushing her to open her mind to a future she never knew was possible. 

From overcoming homelessness as a teenager to breaking free from an unfulfilling career as an Energy Policy Advisor at the Department of Energy (DOE), the pathway to full time creative entrepreneurship wasn't always clear. 

The turbulent entrance of the Trump administration, fast-tracked her focus on mastering her DJ skills. Honed at the legendary Beat Junkies Institute of Sound in LA, mentored by True School's DJ Face, and a signature style heavily influenced by go-go; Domo quickly became a household name in the DMV.

Her 2018 leap from DOE led her to djing for President Barack Obama, festivals, and alongside legends like Mannie Fresh & D-Nice; major brand partnerships; and toured cross country w/ Wiz Khalifa and BET. 

R​ecently named one of the most influential African Americans, she's used her platform to support numerous social justice initiatives including: #BlackLivesMatter, #DontMuteDC, and #SheWillRise. 

Domo expanded her mind to lean into her passions and realized her purpose.