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groundbreak  HER

Campaign Concept Pitch, led by Aluna Francis, supported by Domo Wells

December 2020


Create awareness and accessibility to promote artistic sustainability and increased representation of Black Women in Music.

Will be accomplished through an innovative co-branded marketing campaign showcasing Black Women in diverse Music Professions.



The groundbreakHER campaign showcases Black Women across industry professions beyond the roles that get the most fame. From Producers, Writers, Managers, Djs, Publishers, etc; the campaign will connect to a comprehensive list/ registry, think "therapy for black girls" but specific to music industry - that functions as a tool to Black Women in Music.


  • Inform the Public / Encourage Black Youth

  • Celebrate black women

  • Provide a comprehensive list of Black Women Music Professionals.

  • Inspire and cultivate learning in those fields



  • She is The Music

  • Turn it Up!

  • Black Music Coalition

  • MoPOP

  • Queens Fest

  • Black Girls Rock

  • Spotify

  • Clubhouse Global


​TBD Celebrity Involvement*

  • Lizzo

  • HER

  • Janelle Monae

  • Tinashe

  • Kehlani 

  • Aluna Francis

what we need

Funding Partners

Event Producers

Media/Video Production

Marketing Partners 

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