You know something, this was never something I thought could be my profession despite having always been my first instinct. It wasn't encouraged in my house, like many Black households, I assume because our experience didn't show us it was a tangible option.  


Entering my 30s, reintroducing myself to what's possible and ridding myself of old ideals - it's been a continuous process to stretch myself. Stepping into creative entrepreneurship full time has been a challenge in trusting God first and me second.


As I lean into the different directions its taking me be it DJing, Art/Music Programming, and now Illustration - it hasn't come without moments of doubt. To not only share but, put prices on the value of my work.


​It's been trying to say the least but, therapeutic at best. 

It started with a self portrait, painted in the beginning of quarantine but never shared until now, then digital illustrations that are an iteration of my good friend, Kari Faux's, recent album cover, and followed up w/ a short run of prints - now almost sold out. I was inspired by the butterflies Kari used, and really, just imagining being able to fly - trying to remember  ( or hoping, honestly),  that we will again. So, you'll see them featured throughout a lot of my work. 


Most of my work are reflections of myself, close friends, and distant icons who've been inspirational, influential, and encouraging in my life - so there's a lot of black women.

To everyone whose sent a kind word, shared, or spent a dime w/ me, it's not something I take for granted. We all get in our own way - I hope these pieces remind you that you can do whatever you decide, the way your support as shown me I can too. 


I hope you are all safe. You are loved. Enjoy.

- Domo